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Vari-Disk® Service

We chose Helapet filters as they offered the product, price and quantity we required, with the added bonus that the filters we have are branded with our details. In a competitive market this gives us an important edge.
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Vari-Disk® custom disc filters tailored to your needs

Enhance your filter solution from a range of bespoke options by selecting your bespoke media, connections and printing.

Use the Vari-Disk enquiry form to help build up your desired disc filter specifications and help us to locate the best solution to your requirements. Our dedicated Account Manager will work throughout the process, providing expert advice and information.

Let’s build your filter


Barb Type
Stepped Hose Barb 4-6mm Stepped Hose Barb for 4 – 6mm (3/16″ – 1/4″) I.D. tubing
Stepped Hose Barb 4mm Stepped Hose Barb for 4mm (3/16″) I.D. tubing. Accepts Male Slip Luer
Stepped Hose Barb for 6 – 10mm Stepped Hose Barb for 6 – 10mm (1/4″ – 3/8″) I.D. Accepts Male Slip Luer
Stepped Barb for 9 - 12mm Stepped Barb for 9 – 12mm (3/8″ – 1/2″) I.D. tubing
Luer Type
Female Luer Lock (FLL) Female Luer Lock (FLL)
Male Luer Lock (MLL) Male Luer Lock (MLL)
Male Slip Luer (MSL) Male Slip Luer (MSL)
Other Types
1/8" Male National Pipe Thread 1/8″ Male National Pipe Thread


All of our 25mm & 50mm filter housings are manufactured using FDA approved virgin Borealis polypropylene (USP Class 6). The first choice for chemical compatibility and durability.


Depth Media Membrane Screen
An activated media design for odour removal
Hydrophobic micro-porous media to resist moisture in gas and air
Providing filtration for liquids and ink, ideal for large particle removal
Glass micro fibre
Hydrophilic media with total bacterial retention and allows a high flow rate
High flow rates due to strong tensile strength
High efficiency particulate rating of 85% to 99.95% ≥ 0.3 µm
Optimal thermal properties ensuring high temperature operation
Stainless Steel
Providing 10 µm – 100 µm filtration for ink
Ideal for ensuring bacteria retention
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Made in Britain

Helapet is accredited to ISO 13485:2012, working to the highest level of in-process quality controls and monitoring for all our filter components. Our customised service allows us to produce low volumes at competitive prices with low minimum order quantity, providing individual component packing in a ISO Class 7 rated cleanroom production area.

To guarantee the performance of our filters, we use the latest injection moulding technology to form the connections and over moulding to seal the housing. State of the art ultrasonic welding enables our media to be secured without the use of chemicals, ensuring the filtrate enters the media avoiding potential problems with bypass.