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Ink-Jet Disc Filters

Ink-Jet disc filters allow for even distribution of ink ensuring high print quality whilst protecting against particulates which could damage the printer’s operation.

Key Features

  • Tested to withstand up to 50psi
  • Wide range of micron options available on request
  • Jaco connectors


  • WPE/ Stainless Steel / PTFE media / Polypropylene
  • Various micron size filters (1 µm, 10 µm, 20 µm, 40 µm, 100 µm)
  • 25mm and 50mm filters are manufactured with Borealis polypropylene – (FDA approved material, USP class 6)
  • Spun welded capsules also available
  • Jaco connectors, NPT, and FLL connector options

Testing available on request

  • Bubble point tested
  • Clean pressure drop
  • Water-entry-pressure
  • Media integrity
  • Flow rate
  • Burst integrity testing
  • Pressure testing
Order Product Name Micron Size Media Connector Size Sales Unit
FH3597 Jet-Ink® filter 40 µm WPE 1/8″ NPT + Jaco 50mm 20 pcs/pck

Jaco connectors are available with thread connectors.
Whether you are looking at a product for the research and development stage to facilitate evaluation or as a production unit, Helapet can offer you the correct solution to your needs.

 Create your own filter by using our Vari-Disk® Service, or send us your unique specifications online.