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Gas analyser inline disc filters

Helapet inline gas analyser filters use high performance microporous PTFE media to protect sensitive components within hand-held and static analysers from the ingress of particulates and moisture, whilst maintaining optimum flow rates.

Ideal for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), each replaceable filter can be securely applied inline using hose barb inlet/outlet connections. Helapet use ultrasonic welding within a polypropylene housing to prevent the risk of bypass and accidental admission of contaminants.

Features and benefits

  • PTFE rated at 99.9999% retention
  • Ensuring safety of sensitive electronics whilst maximising flow rates
  • Ideal for gas analysers, pneumatics and moisture sensitive equipment
  • Tested to withstand up to 60psi


  • 1.0 µm PTFE media or 0.3 µm HEPA available on request
  • 25mm and 50mm filter
  • Manufactured with Borealis polypropylene – (FDA approved material, USP class 6)
  • Hose barb connectors accomodating 4-10mm tubing

Testing available on request

  • Bubble point tested
  • Clean pressure drop
  • Water-entry-pressure
  • Media integrity
  • Flow rate
  • Burst integrity testing
  • Pressure testing
Order Product Name Micron Size Media Connector Size Sales Unit
FH0371 IsoDisk® filter 0.3 μm HEPA 3/16″ hose barb 25mm 50 pcs/pck
FH3375 IsoGuard® filter 1.0 μm PTFE 3/16″ hose barb 25mm 50 pcs/pck
FH3575 IsoGuard® filter 1.0 μm PTFE 3/16″ hose barb 50mm 20 pcs/pck
FH3555 IsoGuard® filter 1.0 μm PTFE 1/4″ hose barb 50mm 20 pcs/pck

 Create your own filter by using our Vari-Disk® Service, or send us your unique specifications online.