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pharmigThe Filtration Society - Corporate Associate

Our customers say...

"I was very happy with the service provided by Helapet. I approached them to find a particular filter I had been having problems sourcing. The design, communication and service given were very professional and quick. I received my order within a very short period of time and it was perfect first time round. I would have no doubt in using Helapet again."
BES Rehab, UK

Filter Devices Made To Your Specification

Filtration is used across a wide variety of industries protecting equipment and personnel.

Helapet serve primarily the medical, printing, laboratory, gas, and air markets, providing both standard and custom made parts. Our disc housing provides a compact and robust solution, while our extensive range of connectors means they can be connected inline to any device.

Media choice for maximum filtration
Filter media is the main component of filtration devices and making the right choice is critical. Our expert team have access to all types of media, each at different pore sizes, providing one of the widest choices on the market.
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Latest technology - Security and integrity
Using the very latest in ultrasonic technology and injection moulding techniques Helapet filter devices eliminate bypass of the media, whilst remaining intact even under intense use. Learn more...

Quality and commitment
As part of our continued commitment to customer satisfaction this website showcases our ranges of media and connectors along with technical information such as chemical compatibility and the capabilities of our standard filter range. Learn more...

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